Friday, April 07, 2006

Don't Tread on Me

Some of the articles related to the split in UW-Madison's student government read like shadow versions of American Revolutionary pamphlets:
"For too long, ASM has been little more than a tangled web of over-expansive red tape capable only of siphoning ever-increasing segregated fees from the student body and confusing even the most astute of observers with a labyrinth of do-nothing committees run by résumé-padding students overzealously concerned with their own personal welfare...

"On the question of allocable segregated fees, the Student Government ought not seek to play the role of taxman. Rather, the legal intricacies of a process that has been riddled with corruption should be handled in the most basic of manners, with a simple 'opt-in' system. Every student deserves to make his or her own educated decision as to which groups he or she will fund on this campus, allowing a market-based economy to reward those student groups truly meritorious in nature and to correct those organizations obsessed with bloated payrolls and wasteful spending."

That's it, by golly! No taxation without representation!


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