Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Jill Carroll Editorial

This time the torch is being carried by the Santa Cruz Sentinel:
"Few of us, obviously, choose to go to Iraq. Jill Carroll was one who did.

"She went in order to document the activities there. She went essentially on her own, and once there, became a correspondent for The Monitor.

"For most of us, Carroll is a woman whom we've seen on those chilling videos, hoping for the best and in one particularly horrifying look, begging for her life.

"We think it's worth remembering and honoring this brave reporter, and that's why we chose to publish an entire page filled with the thoughts of those around the world who pray for her safety.

"One letter came from a teenage girl in Black River Falls, Wis.: 'Before Jan. 14, I didn't know who Jill Carroll was. But ever since, I've thought about her every day because ... she changed how I look at other people. She taught me to put myself in other people's shoes, who don't have the same rights and privileges I do. I think if she can change a 15-year-old who hardly took a second to think about how bad the war is affecting the Iraqi people, she can change other people. She has become my role model.'"


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