Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I try really hard to ignore the whole "War on Christmas" discussion. While I'm a strong supporter of the separation of church and state, these sorts of cultural events seem a strange place to emphasize it regardless of their religious origins. Have any communities tried to rename St. Patrick's Day as Irish Day? By the same token, does the existence of a "Holiday Tree" as opposed to a Christmas tree really ruin anyone's good cheer?

I like what Matthew Yglesias says:
"It seems to me, really, that the whole Christmas spectacular would be much better if it just went unapologetically as 'Christmas.' If someone wants to know why I'm not in the 'Christmas spirit' the answer is easily enough: not Christian, don't celebrate the day, no spirit. The 'holiday season' has a weirdly insidious universalizing effect. Nobody's tricked into thinking it's anything other Christmas, but all of a sudden it's for all of us instead of merely the overwhelming majority of us. There's nothing wrong, really, with an overwhelming majority lording it over a small minority in such trivial ways as putting decorated conifers all over the place, but one might as well be clear on what's going on."


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