Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sources of Terrorism

The always interesting Stephen Ulph from the Jamestown Foundation has examined the recent terror arrests in Morocco. The whole article is really worth reading, but what cannot be missed is the role Iraq now plays as a center of global terrorism, with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a major leader and the conflict there as inspiration and training ground for a new generation of terrorists.

Ulph also notes an internet broadcast called Voice of the Caliphate, which might be playing a significant role in rallying youth to the cause of Islamic militancy. It's a stark contrast to this post with five things you should know about al-Jazeera (hat tip: Issandr). I'm skeptical of President Bush's alleged desire to bomb that station's Doha headquarters just because of our close relationship with Qatar, but it is true we've hit other al-Jazeera offices, and the Bush administration has often followed the lead of Arab dictators in seeing the station as an enemy. In this conflict, however, it's really not that hard to tell what should count as terrorist propaganda once you've had a glimpse of the real thing.


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