Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Free Muslim Country

Juan Cole does a great job of fisking Dennis Prager's Los Angeles Times column with five questions for Muslims. As I said in comments, what I'm left wondering is what Prager sees as the one free Muslim-majority country? I can think of several choices. Albania is pretty obvious, being in Europe, while Turkey has made news for trying to enter the European Union. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation, and Bangladesh is basically democratic. Kyrgyzstan recently had a pro-democracy revolution, though we don't know whether its taken hold yet. I would count out Iraq, either, just because Prager seems to be a conservative, and therefore might have decided that President Bush has moved that land into the ranks of the free, with all those purple fingers and everything. Presumably Bosnia is only free because it actually has a Christian Serb majority, and like other conservatives, Prager has forgotten Afghanistan, which would otherwise be in the same category as Iraq.

What do you think?

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What is the "free country" to which Dennis Prager refers?



UPDATE: Apparently I overlooked Prager's mention of a country in the article. Go see which one he was thinking of.


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