Thursday, November 10, 2005

Amman Attacks

My first experience of the Middle East came in June 2001 when I flew into Amman as part of this intensive Arabic program. I ate my first meal there at a supper stop by a felafel/shwarma joint, and then we stopped at a Safeway where I was the target of some good-natured amusement on the part of the locals over my eager water consumption. Nonetheless, I don't remember any of the hotels hit today, and feel only a small personal connection with events.

I would, however, like to know more about this evacuation of Israelis from the Radisson in response to a "specific security alert." Only one nationality was evacuated from one hotel. If it were a general threat against Israelis, you'd think they'd have evacuated them from everywhere, whereas if it involved a hotel, you'd think they'd concentrate on securing the place for everyone. I'm sure there's some explanation, I'm just puzzled as to what it is.

UPDATE: Jonathan Edelstein says in comments that the report was an error. It may be just a Jordanian street rumor that got picked up by the media.

UPDATE: Abu Aardvark deals with the Israeli issue in his last paragraph. Apparently Ha'aretz just got it wrong, and is now reporting the story as false.


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