Friday, May 13, 2005

Qur'an Stuff

Manan Ahmed provides context for the Qur'an desecration riots:
"The Afghanis and Pakistanis are burning and dying in the streets while the Saudis are merely expressing their "ire". Explanation lies in the difference in the treatment of the 'book' vs. the 'text' between Arabia and South Asia. In South Asia, the physical Qur'an becomes a holy relic - to be placed in a scented and clean spot above head; to be handled with veneration and respect. In Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, such veneration is frowned upon and they are apt to treat it just as a special book."

I must be missing something here. Wouldn't desecrating the Qur'an be just as likely to make prisoners hate us even more and steel their resolve?


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