Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sacred Music Festival Report

So I went to the choir concert with a girl from Kiev who is fluent in Russian. Afterward, she actually went over and hung around outside their dressing room until they started coming out, and they all talked in Russian for about an hour. There was also a man working on a documentary for an American TV network who wanted to interview some choir people, but didn't know Russian. He got the girl I was with to be his translator, and drafted me to help set stuff up. The choir wanted to get back to their hotel, though, so we all boarded this bus marked "Special" with the festival logo on it and went to their hotel, where the guy interviewed two of the 12 singers. Then we left.

I guess I got to see yet another side of the festival.

Incidentally, the concert was at the museum where the special exhibit was. That was a tad disappointing, as it was just one small room with various henkas, Torah covers, circumcision chairs, and some other stuff from synagogues in Morocco, with captions explaining Jewish holidays like Purim and Hanukkah. They were all nice, though.


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