Monday, September 01, 2003


Tired of being cut off from society, I have made a mad dash to my office just to post something. My mood is a little off, just because lots of little things haven't gone right yet, but it's nothing overwhelming, and they will. My apartment is cool - the furniture is entirely new, and they put in wooden windows that look a lot better than the old ones. I could use more counter space, but I always think that. I must cook too elaborately for a grad student. I've put up some actual pictures in order to make it more homelike...Nighthawks in my room, my Seattle Mariners pennant on my door, the Basilica of St. Clare picture I got in Italy in its customary spot on my VCR, and a picture of a cat rising out of the sea from the Madison Art Fair over the summer in the area of my main room with my bookshelves.

Almost entirely moved in now...except for the books.

Real blogging should return tomorrow.


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