Monday, September 29, 2003

Baseball Play-Offs

I am is just a prelude in which I get my work done before settling in to watch games tomorrow. The Cubs, as my favorite NL team, have my vote there, while in the AL I think it would be nice to see Oakland come through. What do I think will really happen?

American League
Minnesota def. New York in 3
Boston def. Oakland in 5
Minnesota def. Boston in 7

National League
Chicago def. Atlanta in 4
San Francisco def. Florida in 4
San Francisco def. Chicago in 5

World Series
San Francisco def. Minnesota in 5

The nice thing about baseball, though, is how unpredictable it is...I have a friend who lives and dies by the numbers and missed almost every division. You really never know who the good post-season teams are until the games start. And that, my friends, is just a little over 18 hours away...

UPDATE: This Daily Kos post suggests we should all really, really hope the Cubs don't win.


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