Saturday, July 26, 2003

Wisconsin vs. Illinois

Since coming to Wisconsin, I have often questioned the stereotype that Wisconites are all sophisticated progressives as opposed to those of us from Illinois, who hover right above the dreaded Mason-Dixon Line. After all, in the last election, the most liberal candidate for governor went out of her way to talk about how much she enjoyed hunting, a position which I just now realized this state is probably a lock for Howard Dean. My theory was cultural: Illinois culture seems to focus around Chicago, the great cultural center between New York and Los Angeles, while Wisconsin's identity is built off Northwoods ruggedness and Milwaukee drunkenness.

However, I might have to concede defeat, after learning from Jordan of the Wausau Daily Herald article "Condoms need more respect." Wausau is basically Wisconsin's version of Quincy, from where I hail, and there is no way an article like that would see the pages of the Quincy Herald-Whig. I still remember the storm which ensued when they ran a student essay questioning the existence of God. Nonetheless, I shall continue to make fun of Wisconsinites as often as I deem necessary, even as I eagerly consume the cheese they produce so wonderfully.

UPDATE: As if to prove my point, the Herald-Whig site currently features the article "The Harry Potter Controversy: Dark Fantasy or Gateway to the Occult?"


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