Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Palestinian terrorist groups are working hard to sabotage the "Road Map" for peace, and Abu Mazen has his hands full trying to find a solution, especially after this incident involving an Israeli strike on a Hamas leader. Those issues will be well covered by the American media. However, Israel also has its own problems with extremists. According to Haaretz, the settlements removed by the military yesterday have now been rebuilt by the settlers, who are working hard to disrupt Israeli peace efforts. And this is before Israel starts taking down inhabited settlements. CNN's web site has covered the settlement removal, Abu Mazen's struggle agains the terrorists, and recent terrorist attacks but as of the time of this post the settlers remain out of the picture.

President Ould Taya's military government of Mauritania has survived the coup attempt. Speculation remains that the coup may have been caused by Mauritania's crackdown on Islamist factions opposed to Ould Taya's pro-American stance on Iraq. Al-Jazeera apparently had the best coverage of this, but I haven't had the energy to read the Arabic media lately.

I found this link on Notes of an Iranian Girl. It was really a shocking look at how much the perceptions of young Iranians on the revolution differ from those of their parents. People I know who lived through the revolution, such as my Persian professor, frequently criticize the current regime in Iran, but make a point of saying it is an improvement over the Shah. Those images, however, present the Shah's reign as a sort of golden age which Khomeini and Co. ruined. The images chosen are highly one-sided propaganda pieces, but it's propaganda that apparently has an audience. I looked up the party sponsoring this web site and remembered where I'd heard "National Socialist Workers Party" before; I hope that's not the direction people in Iran are going. I seriously doubt it, but the fact their page is being linked to by major Iranian bloggers only gives that group publicity.


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