Saturday, June 28, 2003

Mad City Masters has come to a successful conclusion, with "The Whole Family," consisting of Subash Maddipoti, Andrew Yaphe, and Paul Litvak taking first over "Triceratops" consisting of Eric Hillemann, Julie Stahlhut, and Tom Drucker. I didn't know Union South wasn't unlocked until 10 a.m. on Saturday, and no one wanted to start without buzzers, so we got off to a really late start which made the tournament go until 7. Then, some people wanted to stay for an extra match, which I kind of felt like a heel turning down when I didn't have any other plans. (I'd tried several times to interest people in going to Rhythm 'n Booms all week, but no one bit.) But the people enjoyed the match, which was on a packet I'm really glad didn't decide the championship. People have moderated such things for me before.

Given my current Harry Potter kick, the highlight of the tournament was probably watching Chamber of Secrets in Tournament Central on the time I meant to devote to thorough repeat checking. I'll probably spend the evening finishing Goblet of Fire so I can have space between it and Order of the Phoenix and see if I want to revise any of yesterday's post. I thought about going to the fireworks anyway, but I'm not in the mood to hang out alone in a huge crowd on presumably soaked ground. There'll almost certainly be standard concerts and fireworks and the like this Friday, so I'll just save my 4th of July celebration until then. I really do wanna see what this Rhythm N Booms thing is about before I leave Madison, though.

UPDATE: A little after 9 o'clock, I heard noises outside, so I walked across the street to the park, and sure enough, there were the fireworks, and with a great view at that. Some of them seemed a bit distant, like there were firing them from two separate places, but most seemed as close as some of the places I've watched them from in Quincy. The amazing thing was how few people were there - it was basically just the neighborhood, as near as I can tell, so I could just relax and then walk back home when it was all over. Whee!!! I'm still doing something on Friday, though...


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