Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Reuters is reporting that people with the new Iraqi TV station have accused the U.S. of trying to censor them. I find this report credible just because I can't find a motive for the journalists to lie, unless there is some plot to emphasize that it won't ultimately be censored.

Speaking of censorship, Iran's new Internet censorship has taken effect, but apparently it isn't very effective. Meanwhile the recently arrested blogger has been released on bail.

After looking at the Iranian situation, it now seems to me that Iran is drawing closer to the U.S. on Iraq much like they did on Afghanistan, but they remain wary of the influence of a hostile American power in the region and seem uninterested in meeting all our demands without more concessions on our part. I should also mention that both reformists and hard-liners seem to be carving out a common line toward the United States, with the main difference boiling down to whether or not we're worth talking to. Both groups defend the nuclear program and most Iranian foreign policy.

This morning I got to wake up to "The Coming of Shadows," the first TV episode not The Twilight Zone or Star Trek to win a Hugo. Exquisite...I hope Babylon 5 is always around, but its not quite like most series in that you can't really come in halfway through and see the full genius. On this run, I have been noticing a lot of Tolkein feel to the second season. JMS once compared Sheridan to Aragorn, and the Minbari make good elves, especially with that Grey Council member saying things about having started on the path and not knowing where it will lead. In addition, Elric, the Technomage leading the migration, was apparently based on Gildor from The Fellowship of the Ring. The enemies are called Shadows, and G'Kar's softly, slowly spoken report to Na'Toth of his journey to confirm the return of "our ancient enemy" seemed very Tolkeinesque: "On dark deserted worlds where there should be no life, where no living thing has walked in over a thousand years, something is gathering its forces, quietly hoping to go unnoticed. After a thousand years, the darkness has come again." Neat!

Speaking of sci-fi, it's interesting how few episodes of a show you can have seen before you hit a rerun. I've seen less than 10 Farscape episodes, yet I suspect if I watch tonight I'll see someone turn into a statue, which I've seen before.


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