Friday, May 02, 2003

News on Afghanistan is hard to come by, but it appears Pakistan is now trying to more actively hunt down the Taliban-al-Qaeda remnants on their territory.

Israeli Minister of Tourism Benny Elon is coming to the U.S. to meet with members of Congress so as to lobby them against the "Road Map." Elon is a leading edvocate of ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Territories under the euphemism "Population Transfer." In its current guise, it takes the form of Elon's own "peace plan" which involves declaing Jordan the Palestinian state, dismantling the PA and refugee camps, and annexing the Occupied Territories to Israel proper. Somehow I suspect the American media won't raise a fuss about the influence this man will be exerting on our elected leaders, given how difficult it is for anyone to seem even mildly critical of Israel.

Last night saw my last qb practice as a player. It felt good playing, but it really is time to go. NAQT SCT was fine, but at ACF Regionals and NAQT ICT the way I played was just embarrassing. But next year is starting to come together more as far as our team's leadership is concerned, and there's plenty of other stuff I need to be doing with my time. But still, it's been a great many years...hard to walk away from it.


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