Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Here at work, one issue I've worked on over the past few months is our logo, or lack thereof. Internal questioning revealed no one knew of a logo when I was making lecture flyers, and when someone from the International Institute asked for it, another search turned up nothing. Hence, I was a bit surprised when I just saw a flyer with a contest to match each area studies center to its logo, and saw that we were included. So apparently we do have a logo, it's just that no one knows what it is. I've got it narrowed down to three...

Oh, yeah, I'm more or less settled into my new apartment. The best part is lakeshore proximity, though directly in front of me the view is mostly blocked by trees. The thing that is driving me the most nuts is the smallness of the kitchen. I take after my mother in terms of food stockpiling, and I can also see a need for more counter space than I have at some point. But everything fit...more or less. A while back there was a sale on olive oil, and I bought what at my present rate of usage looks like about 5 years worth in large glass bottles. These are currently on their side crammed in with paper products.


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