Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Because Halliburton will profit so much from the reconstruction of Iraq, it's become even more fashionable to say this is a corporate war cooked up by Dick Cheney for his oil buddies. I really don't think so. Halliburton has gotten pretty much every rebuilding contract for the last 15 years. I'm sure they have government connections, but not a causal effect on foreign policy. Actually, I think the idea that this is a war for oil is pretty weak. Most oil companies voiced concerns about it. Perhaps even more telling: The oil industry would just love to get into Iran. As I write this, the aforementioned Halliburton is having to review its Iran operations. Exxon-Mobil, the leading corporate supporter of President Bush, is also the company leading the lobby to end sanctions on Iran. Yet compared to the Clintonian olive branches, Bush has taken a generally hard line on Iran. I think some factions within the administration do have an oil agenda, but that's about oil as a geostrategic resource, not cheap gas or more profits for big business.

As far as my life goes, the ICT this weekend is pretty much set. I'm most worried about Jeff, as he didn't seem to be having much fun Thursday, though he was getting some questions. I suppose if word got back that I at least preferred Joel and Jordan to him, he might feel unwanted. But that should pass with time. I'm fairly sure Matt and Vince will have fun regardless of what happens. After Elvis, I hope we manage to avoid the Maryland team. I definitely want a post-ACF crack and Michigan C, though.

OK...back to work.



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