Monday, March 31, 2003

Tonight at the reception for prospective students I finally got into a Middle East discussion that didn't involve Iraq. To think there was a time when I wouldn't have considered the Israeli/Palestinian question as a change of pace! Not that anything came out of it people haven't heard countless times.

I did run across some people heading to Kalamazoo, so maybe we'll carpool. I noticed today that I'm presenting on the anniversary of my freshman year junior high spring dance, the first time I ever asked a girl to dance. She said yes. Of course, given my luck since then, I'm not sure what kind of omen to expect for my career.

I'm starting to think I'm too late on finding possible roommates for the summer. I know of a couple of other late deciders, but they're likely to live with others anyway. Maybe I should just grab a place by myself while there are still good ones out there.

I was going to talk about whether Iraq is a war for oil. I say not really. I'll explain later.


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