Saturday, March 29, 2003

I seem to have started a blog. I'm not sure where this will go...if I have something to say about what I'm doing, it makes more sense to just say it to my friends, and while I enjoy sharing my views on issues and stuff with people I know, I'm less sure about publishing them to the world. I guess I'll just see what develops. If I lose interest, I lose interest.

Anyway, my e-mail to see if anything was going on tonight yielded no fruit, so I just watched Mary Poppins and now find myself here. The Blues lost to the Red Wings today, too, though I was somewhat resigned to that. Wait until the play-offs, if Osgood can find his form.

My main cause for the week is defending al-Jazeera. To be totally blunt, all networks were showing Iraqi prisoners of war until this POW tape came out. And in the Arab world, graphic footage like that is simply accepted, regardless of conflict or nationality. The debate over how to convey the horrors of war is legitimate. Furthermore, the most disturbing thing I've ever seen along those lines is the 1993 Mogadishu tape, which American networks aired aplenty. Al-Jazeera remains the only free network in the Arab world, and naturally will represent the Arab perspective in their editorials. But we shouldn't be attacking them just because they disagree with us. They're the type of people we'll want on our side if we want to truly build a better Middle East.


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