Thursday, September 18, 2014

Keralites in the Gulf

Kerala is a state in southwestern India, the southern portion of the old Malabar coast.  It is also the leading source of Indian labor in Gulf states.  After reading that, I spent a couple of days in Qatar, and every Indian worker whom I asked was from Kerala.  To flip the perspective around, Gulf News reports that 90% of Kerala's diaspora is in the Gulf:
Some 90 per cent of Kerala’s 2.36 million-strong diaspora is in the Middle East, says a study released here on Wednesday...
The study shows that the UAE has attracted 38.7 per cent of the Kerala emigrants and retains its top position. However, its relative share has declined from 41.9 per cent in 2008.
On the other hand, Saudi Arabia had increased its relative position, accommodating 25.2 per cent Malayalis.
Kuwait and Qatar are the other Gulf countries that have increased their relative share of Kerala emigrants...
He said the glamour associated with Gulf emigration was still very strong among youngsters from the southern state.

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