Friday, February 21, 2014

Aden Independence Clashes

Yemen's move toward a federal system has not satisfied many of those in the former South Yemen who think that unification with the north was more conquest by it:
Yemeni security forces cordoned off the centre of the southern city of Aden on Friday as they enforced a ban on pro-independence protests that sparked deadly clashes overnight.
Two years after the ouster of veteran strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh, secessionist leaders called for anniversary demonstrations to press their campaign for the restoration of the independence that the south enjoyed until union with the north in 1990.
But a protest march on Aden’s central government and diplomatic district late on Thursday prompted police to open fire, killing one demonstrator and wounding 12, medics said.
Video footage posted online showed police firing tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters as they held evening prayers in the middle of a road in Khor Maksar.
Security forces cordoned off the neighbourhood as authorities announced a ban on all gatherings in the area, citing “extraordinary security conditions... and the need to pre-empt terrorist acts.”



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