Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ahfad Younis

One often hears assertions that if the Palestinians practiced non-violent resistance, they would have no problems getting an independent state.  However, Palestinians have practiced non-violent resistance.  Here is the latest example:
As U.S. President Barack Obama’s plane was landing at Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday, Palestinian activists returned to the E1 area to establish yet another protest village in the tradition of Bab Al-Shams and other similar actions in recent months. Organizers named the new camp “Ahfad Younis” after the main character in the novel Bab Al-Shams (“Gate of the Sun”) which was the namesake of the original protest village in January of this year...
The camp stood for four days before being forcibly evacuated on Saturday night, a day after President Obama had left for Jordan. Forty activists detained in the eviction were later released near Ramallah.
972 has pictures.

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