Sunday, November 11, 2012

Syrians' Doha Deal

Syria's rebels have signed a unity agreement in Doha:
The agreement won the backing of the largest opposition bloc in exile, the Syrian National Council, which has faced criticism for its perceived ineffectiveness and domination by members of the Muslim Brotherhood...
The deal calls for the formation of an assembly of 55 to 60 members called the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces. It will seek international diplomatic recognition and work to form a government in exile with administrative and military capacity on the ground in Syria...
The agreement goes some way toward envisioning a post-Assad Syria. It calls for the disassembling of the pillars of the Assad regime associated with its crimes, and also says a national judicial commission will be a part of the new opposition body.
I don't know that much about Syria, but I would imagine that if lines of authority and objectives become clarified, it becomes easier to offer the rebels material support.  The next hurdle is seeing how this new assembly is able to work as a leadership for all the different militias within Syria.



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