Friday, June 24, 2011

Kuwaiti PM's Confidence Vote

Nasser Muhammad Al Sabah, Prime Minister of Kuwait, has has rather predictably survived a vote of no confidence in parliament. For those interested on the latest in Kuwait's political wrangling, Mona Kareem provides some background here:
"Following all this tension, one may fairly ask what has been accomplished and who is to blame for the continual clashes between the legislature and the executive branch of government. Many Kuwaitis believe the current situation to be a reflection of a struggle inside the ruling family, with parliamentarians linked to family members seeking to further their own economic or political interests. Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammed is not the first prime minister to be linked to corruption, but depriving him of credit for his achievements might serve the interests of those who want to ensure that he will not be a viable candidate for emir."

Kareem also explores the links between royal and Islamist parliamentary factions.



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