Thursday, January 31, 2008

Labor Sources

Bahrain wants to diversify its guest labor force:
"The Bahraini government has stressed the need to look at alternatives and options for new manpower markets to avoid dependence on specific countries that could impose their own labour conditions.

"Labour sources on Monday told Gulf News that Gulf countries have started negotiating with Vietnam over sending Vietnamese workers, mainly in the fields of mechanical engineering, construction and food-processing industries."

Bahrain certainly doesn't want foreign countries imposing their own labor conditions. These democracies like India and Bangladesh tend to have governments which respond to their workers' needs and try to impose basic safety and wage standards. Working with a fellow autocracy such as Vietnam is much better.

Later in the article, Bahrain's Minister of Labour says guest workers pose a greater danger to the Arab Gulf states than an Israeli attack. He obviously doesn't realize how many Israelis are anxious to get up a war against Bahrain. =)



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