Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tekebaev's Heroin

I don't know what to make of this:
"The Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry released a statement today confirming that Tekebaev was arrested at the airport in Warsaw on September 6. The statement said Polish customs officials found 595 grams of heroin in a "matroshka" (nesting doll) in Tekebaev's luggage. Kyrgyzstan has sent its ambassador in Belarus to Poland to get more information about the matter.

"Tekebaev was a co-chairman of the For Reforms movement, which was formed earlier this year. Melis Eshmikanov, a member of parliament and also a member of For Reforms, responded to news of Tekebaev's arrest by saying it was "a provocation" and that the movement is in touch with Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Ministry, National Security Service, and customs service officials.

"Another parliamentarian and For Reforms member, Temir Sariev, told journalists that Tekebaev was detained at the Warsaw airport along with Deputy Anatoly Danilov and social activist Zainidin Kurmanov. Sariev said Tekebaev denied there could have been narcotics in his baggage.

"Edil Baisalov, the head of the For Democracy and Civil Society coalition, told RFE/RL he believes the situation was arranged by forces in Kyrgyzstan.

"'This is a provocation against the leader of the opposition, ex-speaker Tekebaev, organized by the secret service of Kyrgyzstan,' Baisalov said. 'This provocation is to discredit not only the leader of the opposition, but the whole of the opposition in the eyes of the international community and before the people of Kyrgyzstan.'"

This part of a trend of bad things happening to opponents of Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev. Whether Tekebaev is guilty I have no idea, though I would readily believe that any Kyrgyz politician has links to organized crime. What doesn't make sense is that he would be carrying the heroin himself.


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