Friday, February 24, 2006

Atwar Bahjat

Issandr links to this article on Atwar Bahjat, a journalist who was killed in this week's violence in Iraq:
"The men leapt from the pick-up and demanded the correspondent. Ms Bahjat appealed to the crowd for help. None came. The gunmen began firing in the air. People fled, the fourth crewman among them. Ms Bahjat was not seen alive again. Her body, and those of two colleagues, were found by police yesterday near their bullet-riddled satellite-dish van.

"Ahmed al-Saleh, al-Arabiya’s Baghdad correspondent, said: 'She loved her country and died because of her impartiality.'

"A statement from al-Arabiya said: 'Again, al-Arabiya pays the ultimate price for persistently pursuing the truth.' The station has had 11 employees killed by US and insurgent attacks in Iraq since the US invasion."


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