Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Carroll Kidnapping

In comments to this post, I found this read on the situation by a journalist who has worked in Baghdad:
"Ms. Carroll was apparently expecting to meet with Adnan Dulaimi, the head of the Iraqi Accordance Front/Iraqi Accord Front/Iraqi Consensus Front. This is interesting to me because, although I interviewed him when I was in Iraq, it is my understanding that he rarely grants personal interviews. I was able to connect with him via a network of personal contacts and my clear dedication to opposing the occupation and informing the public about a different view of Iraq. It seems to me that she was probably tricked into thinking she had a meeting with Mr. Dulaimi, or was just trying her luck.

"She is the 31st media worker to be kidnapped in Iraq since the beginning of the occupation, according to Reporters Without Borders. Fortunately for Ms. Carroll, few journalists have been killed by their kidnappers. Assuming this abduction turns out to be routine, she should be released within a few weeks, but it may take a few months, as it did in the case of the two French Journalists."

I certainly hope the pattern in the second paragraph holds up. The blogger, Brian Conley, also calls attention to the fact that the situation for Iraqi journalists is far worse than it is for Westerners.


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