Friday, December 16, 2005

Long-Awaited Marriages

Bahrain seems to produce a lot of romance-related stories:
"An Indian woman who has waited 34 years for her Bahrain-based sweetheart will finally meet him in Cochin on Tuesday where they will get married.

"The 50-year-old woman was just 16 when K.S. Paramesh-waran left Kerala to take up a position as a pipefitter in Bahrain, and has persistently refused all marriage proposals in the hope that the man she loved would come home one day to marry her.

"Parameshwaran, 65, told Gulf Daily News that he had spent all those years thinking the woman he loved had forgotten him. 'I came to Bahrain as a pipefitter. I was earning 80 dinars a month and was not financially stable to get married nor was I in a condition to ask her to wait for me,' he said."


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