Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Israeli Baseball

Allison Kaplan Sommer links unenthusiastically to a Jerusalem Post article claiming that Israel needs more baseball:
"Locally, the two most popular games are of course basketball and soccer. Baseball easily trumps them both. Defined by innings rather than a clock, baseball is a more leisurely pastime, one that often combines fast-paced action with deliberate and measured steps.

"It is not a matter of running up and down a court trying to outmaneuver an opponent. No; baseball is far more subtle than that. It is a duel between the pitcher and the batter, with each trying to outsmart the other. It is about placement of the ball just as much as about speed, about foresight as much as about power.

"Unlike other sports baseball places immense value on the individual as well as on the collective. Each player must stand in the batter's box on his own, with the spotlight focused entirely on him. There is no avoiding the issue of personal responsibility, no way to point the finger at someone else and escape accountability for one's actions."

This piece has it right. In fact, I think the U.S. should start making the establishment of Little League teams a condition for housing aid to Israel. Thoughts?


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