Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hariri Update

Not only did Hariri's funeral turn into an anti-Syria rally, but Issandr El Amrani reports on mob attacks against Syrians and Syrian interests in Lebanon. An Iranian Vice President and the Syrian Prime Minister have pledged to put up a common front, though the Syrians stress it is not anti-American. As far as the actual investigation goes, Lebanese authorities say it was an extremely sophisticated suicide bomber and are looking for a Palestinian refugee named Ahmed Tayseer Abu al-Ads who claimed responsibility to al-Jazeera. Many are ruling out a local operation because of the quality of explosives involved, but as Juan Cole reminds us, tons of high-powered explosives are missing in Iraq. And why am I the only one considering Iranian involvement? I mean, Iran is pretty involved in Lebanese affairs, and has benefitted from this.

UPDATE: Praktike also considers Iran a possibility.


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