Sunday, August 08, 2004

Iraqi Shi'ite Leadership

In another interesting post about Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani's health, Juan Cole mentions that his likely successor would be Grand Ayatollah Ishaq Fayyad. Fayyad, like Sistani, opposed the doctrine of velayat-i faqih, or "rule of the jurist," as developed by Ayatollah Khomeini and followed by Iran, so that is good news. According to Cole, Fayyad was also the secretary to Grand Ayatollah Abu al-Qasim al-Musawi al-Khoe'i, who was the chief Shi'ite leader from 1980-1992 and the father of the alim with the same surname whom Muqtada Sadr probably had assassinated in April 2003. A biography of al-Khoe'i is here. I can't find anything on Fayyad.


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