Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Saudis, al-Qaeda, and Iraq

Ma'ariv reports on some intelligence suggesting that certain factions of the Saudi royal family are supporting al-Qaeda due to their belief that in coming years jihadist elements are likely to be the major players in post-Saddam Iraq. An important point about the Saudis is that they scheme against each other all the time, and it is very likely some princes sincerely try to fight terrorists while others want to cut a deal with them. This is one reason why I don't object to President Bush's relations with Crown Prince Abdullah, who seems very much in the reformist camp, and is perhaps banking on strong relations with the U.S. to consolidate his power after the death of the ailing King Fahd. However, if true, this story represents one more reason to oppose President Bush's Iraq policies, which are clearly making us appear weak to some in positions of power.


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