Friday, July 18, 2003

Iraqi Resistance

RFE-RL also has a new Iraq report with some interesting stories about the Iraqi resistance. Near the bottom, it quotes John Abizaid as saying that the Iraqi resistance is becoming more organized. He described the attackers as "pro-Hussein resistance elements from the Iraqi intelligence services, Special Security Organization, Special Republican Guard, and mid-level Ba'athists that are working at regional levels in cell structures of six to eight people." Further up the page, however, are stories about a number of small, newly formed resistance groups dedicated to ending the American occupation but strongly denying any ties to Saddam Hussein. One, the "1920 Revolution Brigades," has said it is beginning to coordinate its attacks with other groups, which could be the increasing organization Abizaid described. Another group, the "Iraqi Liberation Army," is threatening attacks against any embassies which open in occupied Iraq. If these groups continue to get together, the situation in Iraq will become much worse before it gets better.


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