Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hamas on Annapolis

Hamas's response to the Annapolis peace conference is to threaten to make their Qassam rockets deadlier. They're also behind some anti-Annapolis protests:
"Also Friday, Gaza's militant groups, including Hamas, rallied tens of thousands of their supporters in a public protest against the upcoming summit, saying no such negotiations can deliver Palestinian rights...

"Local Hamas leaders told the Gaza demonstrators Friday that over the next few days they will hold rallies and public events against the conference, culminating in a Gaza City public meeting to coincide with the Annapolis parley...

"Riham Abu Khater, 17, said she opposed participation at Annapolis as it amounted to recognition of Israel.

"'Nothing good will come out of it. Good will only come from the language of fighting, and from force,' she said."



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