Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kuwaiti Resignations

Kuwait's government has resigned rather than subject a member of the royal family to possible impeachment:
"Kuwait's government resigned on Sunday in a move apparently aimed at thwarting a no-confidence motion against the Gulf Arab country's health minister, a member of the ruling family.

"Ten Kuwaiti parliament members presented the motion last month against Sheikh Ahmad al-Abdullah al-Sabah, who is also acting information minister, over suspected financial and administrative breaches at the Health Ministry.

"The vote was due to have taken place in parliament on Monday and Sheikh Ahmad would have had to step down if legislators had voted against him. The cabinet's resignation automatically cancels the parliament session...

"Political sources said the government was determined not to let the no-confidence vote go ahead because it was concerned that parliament's probes would not stop at Sheikh Ahmad.

"In December, Information Minister Mohammad al-Sanousi resigned a day ahead of an expected grilling by an Islamist MP, but political sources say it is more sensitive for a member of the ruling family to be forced out by an elected body."

All that happens now is that the Prime Minister forms a new government.


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