Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Iran War?

A day after President Bush's Iraq speech, much of the talk is actually about Iran, and whether President Bush's threats against that country were part of setting the stage for the war many on the right have long advocated. That was the first reaction of Matthew Yglesias, and today Harold Meyerson calls attention to the Cambodia precedent from Vietnam. At American Footprints, I try to figure out the reference to Patriot missiles in the President's address. As things develop, Spencer Ackerman analyzes the American attack on an Iranian consulate, which even Jonah Goldberg thinks is a big deal. Juan Cole points out that ground deployments aren't set up to attack Iran, but troops, once in place, can always be redeployed if events warrant.

If all this turns out to mean something, I have some bad news. Iran is a stronger country than Cambodia was.

UPDATE: Larry Kudlow has more, though he is, of course, more enthusiastic than I.


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