Friday, November 17, 2006

Marital Belly Dancing

Gulf News has an interesting article which one could cast as the effects of Western-style pop culture on Egyptian women's personal lives:
"It is not uncommon to see in central Cairo a young couple, preparing for marriage, browsing shop windows for a dancing costume.

"'My fiance has asked me to buy one to dance for him after we get married,' said Hanaa, 24. 'I want to make him happy and show off my feminity,' she told Gulf News. Hanaa admits she likes dancing in the presence of family members or in women-only gatherings.

"'The purpose for buying these outfits is to boost marital bliss. We mustn't be ashamed about dealing with this issue, especially in this age of satellite TV where men watch pretty women dancing in music videos all the time and want their spouses to be like Nancy Ajram or Haifa Wehbe,' said Ahmad, a taxi driver, referring to the two Lebanese pop divas."


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