Sunday, May 08, 2005

Egyptian Non-Reform

As some of us feared, Egypt's election reform has turned out to be a sham:
"The draft legislation says that 300 people from the Maglis al-Sh`ab, Maglis al-Shura, and Maglis al-Mahlaya (local councils) have to endorse a potential candidate. A candidate needs at least 65 MPs (14.6%) to be signed on, 25 Shura Council folk (around 10%) as well as 10 elected local councilmen in 14 of Egypt’s 26 governates. That is 140 mostly local NDP councilmen.

"The NDP commands 90% majority in the parliament and a 98.5% majority in the local councils. This all be ensures the exclusion of independent candidates (read Muslim Brotherhood but any other independent opposition figure i.e. Saad Eddin Ibrahim)."

This means some minor opposition parties can slip by, but no one who can seriously threaten Mubarak. The regime knows this, and will always adjust the election laws as necessary to rig the field.


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