Friday, October 10, 2003

Random Life Notes

Things have been kind of busy the past couple of days. I can't point to anything in particular I've been doing, it's just sort of a cumulative effect. I've decided my least favorite task at work is doing the funding string on requisitions. It seems like almost every one I do turns out to have some mistake on it. My excuse, of course, is that at no point were funding matters included in my training, which was mainly about using various office equipment. It's still annoying to think that if this were a real world job, I'd probably have been dismissed or transferred by now. At least the Title VI-A grant writing feels like it's going well.

I also think my complaints about the small counters in my apartment have been validated by the logistical hassles I just experienced attempting to fry an egg. When I bake something next, I'm going to be working on the table, and heaven knows where I'll cool whatever it is I make.

OK...that's all for now.


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